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About Word Counter

According to grammar, if one or more letters come together and express meaning, it is called a word. Such as:
Man-man, Good, Pen, Book, Fish, Red, Hand, Plate, Cow, Cup, Cap etc.

Each of the above words has a different meaning, so it is considered a word.
Remember, if the letters sit side by side and do not express any meaning, then it will not be considered as a word.

More information about the Word Counter tool!

When you write an article in Microsoft Word, you may have noticed how many total characters there are in the word document.
You may have often searched for the best word counter and character counts online tool online. Because you have to count the letters of Title and Description of your own blog post.

However, we can easily calculate the word of the article in MS word and excel. But it is not always comfortable to count the character of the article in these applications.

What is Word Counter?

Word Count is a tool that allows you to easily calculate the number of words in a paragraph or text. The paragraph writer can easily understand how many words he has written. We can get specific features like Word, Description, boldness, precise formatting, bullet, or number list etc. using the word counter tool. Double-check that you see the correct number when using a word counter. Word counter or Character Counter is much needed to improve site ranking and SEO

How does it work?

  • Word Counter is a software or tool that can easily encrypt how many words there are in a text.

Advantages of Word Counter:

  • Using it, the content writer can understand how many words he has written.
  • No extra app usage is required.
  • In addition to the total word count here, the output shows how many characters are in that text.

How to Use Word Counter Tools:

  1. Go to Word Counter Tools Page (
  2. Then, which words do you want to count? Paste them.
  3. Then Click on Count Word Button.
  4. Then you will see how many words and how many characters are in your writing.