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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL (Uniform Resource Locators): URL provides information about the location of objects on the Web; they look like the followings :


When you open a particular URL, your Web browser would open a TCP connection to the Web server at a machine called www.mysmallseotools.com and immediately retrieve and display the file called index.html. Most files on the Web contain images and text and some have audio and video clips. They also include URLs that point to other files and your Web browser will have some way in which you can recognize URLs and ask the browser to open them. These embedded URLs are called hypertext links. You ask your Web browser to open one of these URLs (e.g. by pointing and clicking on it with a mouse) it will open a new connection and retrieve and display a new file. This is called "following a link". It is, therefore, very easy to hop from one machine to another around the network, following links to all sorts of information.

How to use URL Rewriting Tool?

  • First, Go to the URL Rewriting Tool page 
  • Then the URL you want to rewriting? Type that.
  • Then type the Image Verification code. Then click Submit.

Then Rewriting your URL will be like magic.