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Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) and creating backlinks to increase the domain authority, search engine preference and search engine ranking of a website or blog.

Backlinks mean that your website's "URL link" is on another website. This way you get an external link for your website from that website.

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How many types of backlinks and what are they? (Types of backlinks)

Below are some of the types of backlinks discussed. In this way, you will be able to know the matter of backlinks more clearly.

  • Internal links: Internal links are backlinks within your blog. I mean, when I write an article on a blog, I can create internal backlinks with links to some other articles on my blog.
  • External links: External backlinks are created by visiting other people's blogs or websites. I mean, hope to link from another website to our website.
  • Link juice: When a backlink is created through a hyperlink on a blog or website, Google bots follow those links and pass the link juice to your blog. This link helps to increase search engine traffic by increasing the domain authority of the juice blog.
  • Low-quality links: When a backlink comes to your website from a bad, spam, low quality or harvested website, low-quality links are created. These types of backlinks are very harmful to your blog.
  • High-quality links: When a good and high-quality website whose DA and PA are very good, comes backlink to your blog, then that backlink is a high-quality external link.
  • No-follow links: When the "rel = no follow" tag is used in the expected backlinks from other websites, then those backlinks are no-follow backlinks. Google bot does not pass their link juice through this type of link. So, these types of backlinks do not work particularly well.
  • Do-follow links: When the “rel = no follow” tag is not used in the hopeful links from other websites in our blog, then those links do-follow links. And, through this kind of link Google passes its link juice. So, this kind of backlink is very useful for your blog.

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