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About What is my Browser

The web browser is such software. Through which a user can search, download or view any text, image and other information of any webpage located on the World Wide Web. The browser originated in the 1980s. An example of a web browser is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari (Web Browser), Edge, Opera, UC, Yandex Browser etc.

Web Browsing: The World Wide Web (www) is a large scale online repository of information that users can search using an interactive application program called a browser. Most browsers have a point and click interface-the browser displays information at the computers' screen and permit a user to navigate using the mouse. The information displayed includes both text and graphics. Furthermore, some of the information on the display is highlighted to indicate that the item is selectable. When the user places the cursor over a selectable item and clicks a mouse button, the browser displays new information that corresponds to the selected item. So "a browser is an interactive program that permits a user to view information from the World Wide Web."

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The work of the web browser

  • Going from one website to another to search for information.
  • Downloading or uploading necessary user files or web pages.
  • Exchanging information via email.
  • All types of Online Shopping, Business Processing Forms, Fills, Exams, etc. are beautifully edited.
  • Arranging live communication through online chatting.

Notable web browser software is - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Netscape Navigator, Avant, etc.