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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator is a user-friendly free tool. With the help of this tool, you can know about the different screen resolutions of a website.

Take a look at how your website looks with the Screen Resolution tool.

What does your website look like on different devices? It also allows you to see how the display works on different devices. All of this work can be applied for free with this tool, but it offers all sizes.

More information about the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator tool!

Choose any screen resolution from these provided options:

  • 160x160 Pixels
  • 320x320 Pixels
  • 640x480 Pixels
  • 800x600 Pixels
  • 1024x768 Pixels
  • 1366x768 Pixels
  • 1152x864 Pixels
  • 1600x1200 Pixels

After you choose the Webpage Screen Resolution of your choice, your live website will open on our Screen Resolution Simulator page. In Screen Resolution of your choice, you can explore your site and better understand how your website's graphics, pages, text and layout look in different screen resolutions.

How does it work?

Put your website address, select the appropriate screen size that you need to check and hit the simulate button।

How to check the screen resolution of the website?

  • First, go to the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator page (https://mysmallseotools.com/webpage-screen-resolution-simulator).
  • Then type the URL of your website.
  • Then select the desired Resolution.
  • Then enter the correct image verification code and click the submit button.

If you see the results, you will see how your website looks like the screen resolution you selected.