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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker A Reverse IP Domain Search Tool. The Reverse IP Domain Checker tool can be used to search domain names hosted on the same IP address (equal shared server). Most people are seen using shared hosting because shared hosting is cheaper.
If you enter any one domain name or an IP address in the Reverse IP Domain Checker tool, you can know how many domains are used in the same shared hosting with that IP.

Reverse IP and SEO?

Almost all popular engines like google (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and many others.) grow a website's rank based totally on the variety of hyperlinks pointing toward the net website. In a try and falsely inflate a website's recognition, an individual may generate loads or even thousands of dummy websites containing little to no content material except for hyperlinks pointing toward a selected domain name. One method that search engines like google use to come across this kind of miscreant behaviour is to look if these inter-linking internet sites are hosted at the identical IP deal with or IP deal with range. If the internet websites are inside the equal IP address variety, it's far extraordinarily likely that they may be operated by way of the same man or woman. Search engines devalue links from internet websites pointing to different web websites hosted at the identical IP deal with variety.

Conversely, search engines value links from net websites hosted on exclusive IP addresses. A powerful seek engine optimizer would cross similarly to website hosting inter-linking net websites on specific IP addresses. They might host the net websites on absolutely unique elegance C community addresses. They could make sure that each one of their domains was registered with exclusive registrars underneath one of a kind names. They could not use the identical template on multiple web pages. They might erase all lines that their websites are operated with the aid of the same individual. They could go through all of this hassle with one aim in mind - to game the search engines like google and yahoo on the way to deliver in more natural traffic.

For most websites, having a dedicated specific IP address will have little to no impact on seek engine rankings. Matt Cutts, the head of Google's Webspam group, stated: "if you are a median webmaster and simply walking a few sites, I wouldn't fear approximately them being at the same IP cope with and that i absolutely wouldn't worry about them being at the equal server. It really is something that everybody does."

How to use Reverse IP Domain Checker Tools?

  • First, go to the Reverse IP Domain Checker Tools page (
  • Then type the website that you want to check the Reverse IP Domain.
  • Then type in the image verification code, click on the submit button.

If all goes well, the Reverse IP Domain Checker tools will tell you the IP and Reverse IP of that domain.

N.B: This tool Recently does not support sites only using IPv6 addresses.