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The word e-mail means electronic mail (election mail). In short, it is called email. Through email, we can send texts, pictures, documents to different parts of the world at home and abroad. All you need is an email address.

e-Mail (Electronic Mail): e-mail system is basically used for sending messages electronically to individuals or groups of individuals in an inter or intraoffice environment. e-mail is considered to be the first experience and exposure to the field of data communication and networking.

Originally e-mail was designated as a straightforward extension of the traditional office memo. But the system has evolved from the original design and are automated to permit more complex interaction. In particular, because a computer programme can answer an e-mail message and send a reply. e-mail can be used in a variety of ways. For example, a company can establish a computer program that responds automatically to request for information that arrives in mail messages. A user sends an e-mail request to the program and receives the desired information in a reply.

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Advantages of e-mail:

e-mail, considered many users to be the most important application of the Internet, enables you to send and receive messages both inside and outside your organisation. It is a popular mode of communication and has changed the way we communicate with individuals and groups. Some of the commanding features and advantages of e-mail are listed

below :

  • It is the cheapest form of communication known at present.
  • It combines the speed and efficiency of the telephone with the written nature of the letter, preserving and recording the written word.
  •  It allows its users to communicate almost as simultaneously as the telephone.
  • E-mail enables the user to contact users at once eliminating production and postage costs. You can send the same mail item simultaneously to a large number of people at no extra cost.
  • Unlike the phone, e-mail allows for the transfer of files and documents. You can attach documents and other types of computer files to e-mail messages
  • Communication can be made whenever and wherever the users | choose, freeing correspondents from the tyranny of the 9-5 office and minimizing the time difference between correspondents in distant locations.


Disadvantages of Email:

e-mail is not always secure and can be used to transmit computer viruses. Besides, as the internet becomes more commercial junk mail or spam, is becoming an increasing problem.

Email Privacy

Electronic mail privacy is a large subject matter managing issues of unauthorized get admission to, and inspection of, electronic mail, or unauthorized tracking while a user reads an email. This unauthorized get right of entry can appear even as an email is in transit, as well as whilst it is stored on electronic mail servers or on a consumer's laptop, or while the consumer reads the message. In nations with a constitutional guarantee of the secrecy of correspondence, whether email can be equated with letters—therefore having legal safety from all types of eavesdropping—is disputed due to the very nature of email.[citation needed][1] As more communique takes place thru e-mail, as compared to postal mail,[citation needed] that is considered to be an important debate..

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