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About Domain into IP

Domain into IP is a web developer's tool. This tool makes it easy to determine the IP address of a domain. If is written then its IP address will be
This tool also provides IP address, country, ISP and other information.

What is DNS? 

A domain name system (DNS) is a hierarchical and decentralized naming system for connecting computers, services, or other resources to the Internet or a private network. It combines different information with the domain name assigned to each organization.

Simply put, it translates memorized domain names more easily into the numeric IP addresses needed for computer service and device detection and identification, including built-in network protocols.

Instead of the address of the number of computer machines, people started using useful names even before TCP / IP. Then of course other methods were used. DNS was invented in 1983, shortly after the introduction of TCP / IP. At the request of John Postel, Paul Macapatris invented the Domain Name System in 1973 and implemented it for the first time.

More information about the Domain into IP tool!

The functional name system that is often used to describe the function is that it translates computer hostnames to IP addresses and acts as a phone book for the Internet.

For example, the domain name translates to (IPv4) and 2606: 2800: 220: 1: 248: 1893: 25c8: 1946 (IPv6,). DNS can be updated quickly and transparently, allowing the same effect on end-users to change the location of any service on the network, who continue to use the same hostname. How users identify services by taking advantage of meaningful Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and e-mail addresses.

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Why is it more convenient to use a domain name than an IP address?

A domain name can have multiple IPs. If you talk about Facebook, then you will get many IPs under the domain name of Facebook. If you search by typing Facebook IP in Google, you will understand. If the request is high, it goes to different servers through the balance loader and all the customers get a response. If you use an IP, only the mother refers to the PC or server of that IP and only that PC or server responds.

How to use Domain into IP tools?

  • First, go to the Domain into IP page (।
  • Next, type the IP address of the domain you want to know.
  • Then type Image Verification Code and submit.

Then you can find out what is the IP of the domain you typed